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What is the Future of Government in South Africa?

Join some of the leading scholars on government and public  administration, officials and former officials to reflect on the recent experience of government in South Africa.

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Ramaphosa to launch new economic policy.

President Ramaphosa is due to release his new economic plan for South Africa. There have been several others in circulation recently, including from organized business, the ANC, the National Treasury, the Presidency and from some Provincial governments. They tend to agree on what needs to be done, so it will not be too difficult to find a synthesis between them.

"GAPP is flourishing,” Ivor Chipkin, founder of the Government and Public Policy Thinktank announced.

1. In wanting to strengthen the policy debate in South Africa by drawing on relevant, international comparisons, GAPP has internationalised, drawing especially from leading thinkers in the global South. In this regard, Ivor Chipkin announced that the following people had joined GAPP: the great Nigerian scholar, Toyin Falola, Maxim Khomyakov, until recently head of one of Russia’s biggest universities, Natalija Perisic, head of politics at the University of Belgrade, Rommy Morales from Chile. 

Sovereignty and Government in Africa after Independence

This essay is a contribution to the field of institutional studies in that it treats the State as a substantial phenomenon, composed of institutions that require analysis in their own right. Here, the focus is on the political form of African states from the 1960s to the 1980s.

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